- fantastic website about going places you're not supposed to go.
Forgotten Ohio - a very extensive and informative site on Ohio exploration and hauntings, highly recommended
Mansfield Reformatory - official site of the historic prison
Abandoned Online - excellent info on exploring the ohio valley/kentucky area - a photographic tour of the South of England's graveyards, cemeteries and other places of burial
Creepy Cleveland - Ohio ghosts, folklore, myths and hauntings
Dead Ohio - ohio cemeteries and other ghostly haunted places
SBNO (Standing but Not Operational) - abandoned amusement parks
Illicit Ohio - Central Ohio's hidden (man-made) wonders
Prospect Place - informative site about the haunted mansion in Trinway, Ohio - Stories and info on the paranormal
Modern Ruins - cityscapes and abandoned building photography
Urban Exploration Webring - a listing of sites focusing on the art of urban exploration
Ghosts of the Prairie - American history, hauntings and unsolved mysteries
Urban Exploration Resource - a database of UE information
Drainspotting - photos of manhole covers, drains, grates & trench covers
Dark Passage - ruinous and beautiful landscapes in New York
Danvers State Insane Asylum - Info about the amazing empty hospital near Salem, MA
Marsden Archive - fantastic black & white photos of castles and gothic locations in europe
West Virginia Penitentiary - photos and info about the vacant prison in Moundsville, WV
Hudson Valley Ruins - Urban exploration in New York's Hudson Valley
Essex Mountain Sanatorium - an exploration of a HUGE abandoned hospital in New Jersey
Ohio Preservation Alliance - dedicated to preserving our unique historic architecture

Zone-Tour - a database & resource for urban exploration

Stahl Art - black & white photos of industrial site around the world, a fantastic & amazing site - photographic essays through urban and industrial sites, mostly abandoned
Fabulous Ruins of Detroit - exploration of abandoned and vanishing Detroit
Fading Ad Campaign - photographs of advertisements on the sides of old buildings
Edward Burtynsk - photographs of industrial sites and other interesting locations around the world
Kirkbride Buildings - Dr. Kirkbride significantly influenced the entire American asylum community
Abandoned Asylum - pictorial tours through asylum architecture and history
Lost America - night photography of the abandoned american west & cool pics of junked airplanes.

Night Photographer - a gallery of unusual, striking night photography

Deserted Farms - black & white photographs of abandoned farm houses
Action Squad - Minneapolis based urban exploration group
Buffalo Exploration - Buffalo based urban exploration group, very well designed site
Allied Paper Mill - photographic tours of abandoned mills in michigan
Kitty Empire - galleries of abandoned locations
Forgotten Newfoundland - military installations, hospitals and other ruins
Forgotten Places - castles, factories & other locations around Europe

Side 'O Lamb - very cool pictures of the vacant Asbury Park in New Jersey

Lab-Wan - very cool Belgium exploration site with a military school, coal plant & other locations
Lost Indiana - discarded & vacant buildings of Indiana - beautiful photos of the decayed Russian landscape
Images for Reflection - photographs of the remaining Nazi Death Camps

Brainwashed - music like COIL, KID 606, MATMOS, TORTOISE, LABRADFORD, etc.

Artcrimes - the best source for graffiti on the web
Billboard Liberation Front - altered advertising
Britney Underground - photos of defaced / altered britney ads in the NYC subway
HR Giger - biomechanical brilliance
ObeyGiant - Andre the Giant Has a Posse
Dave McKean - fansite dedicated to the strange & wonderful 'Comic' artist
Found Magazine - letters, notes and strange photos that people find in random places
Hummingbird Mountain - the home of psychedelic / drone musicians Bardo Pond
Yo La Tengo - simply one of the best 'indie' bands that ever existed

Anne Rice - official site from the author of the vampire chronicles

Cleveland Cinemateque - foreign, independent, avant garde & everything in between - an amazing selection of films.
1300 gallery - an alternative art gallery in Cleveland
Symbol Grows - info about the mind-blowing underground / surrealist film maker Alejandro Jordorowsky
Brightlights Film - movie analysis, history, and commentary
Muffin Films - creative & amusing flash animations - don't talk to the muffin tree! - database for trading CDR's of live music
Juxtapoz - the best magazine for new & interesting 'low brow' art
Samurai Jack - excellent site dedicated to the show on cartoon network
Scrambled Milk - the strange paintings of Robert Bellm
Jeff Soto - surreal & amazing paintings
Clayton Brothers - strange & wonderful art
Eric White - beautiful paintings of a twisted reality
Gary Taxali - paintings of weird characters & icons
studioamathin - cleveland artist amy dickey
Scott Radke - the dark puppets & drawings of another cleveland artist
Chris Mars - dark, twisted & beautiful paintings, currently one of our favorite artists
Dalek - street art, graffiti and space monkeys - what more could you want?
BASK - graffiti & stencils from the detroit artist known as bask
Jan Svankmejer - alchemist of dark & surreal animation
Laughing Squid - a resource for cool & interesting culture
Alex Grey - a modern master of sacred & psychedelic paintings
ouchclub - fantastic & whimsical drawings by anne owens
digg - technology links & social bookmarking
boing boing - a directory of wonderful things
Digital Bits - everything you want to know about DVD's & digital media
Google Maps -an essential tool for directions
the smoking gun - mugshots, court documents & other funny/interesting info about your favorite celebrities
20 questions - play 20 questions with a computer (it's more fun than it sounds)