Squire's Castle sits alone in the Chagrin Reservation section of the Cleveland Metroparks. it was built as a caretaker's house for a luxury mansion. The "castle" was built by Feargus b. Squire, an extremely wealthy man who was one of the founders of the Standard Oil Company. In the 1890's, Squire purchased 525 acres of land outside of Cleveland, planning to build a summer estate for his family.

Evidently, Mrs. Squire didn't care for the country or the summer cottage and was left alone in the city while her husband and daughter left for the country. Mr. Squire was busy drawing up the plans for his magnificent castle and, against his wife's wishes, he began spending more and more time on the isolated estate. Mrs. Squire worried constantly about being away from the city, and the loneliness of being forced to spend every summer at the cottage. In all of her worry and agitation, she developed insomnia and began walking about the house at night, carrying a small, red lantern to light her way.
One fateful night, Mrs. Squire wandered into the trophy room of the house, a place that she usually avoided. No one really knows what happened, but it's been surmised that Mrs. Squire became frightened of something in the room, or perhaps even the mounted animals peering at her in the dim light. Regardless, she began screaming in terror over something and in her haste, she tripped and broke her neck. She was discovered dead a short time later.
Squire was distraught and blamed himself for his wife's death. He abandoned the plans for the house and went back to the city, never returning to the cottage again. People who knew of his plans to build the grand summer home started calling the cottage "Squire's Castle". In 1922, Squire sold the property.

The legends say that Mrs. Squire still roams the summer cottage where her life was tragically cut short.

People who pass by the castle at night can sometimes hear the screams of Mrs. Squire, or catch a glimpse of her red lantern as the ghost walks past the windows of the house.


Squire's Castle is located to the east of Cleveland, Ohio. Take I-90 - exit at Rt. 91 ( SOM Center Rd.) - turn left on Rt. 91 - turn left (east) on Charden Rd. (Rt. 6) -turn right (south) on River Rd. (Rt. 174). The castle is on the right side of River Rd.

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