In New Springfield, Ohio there's a hayfield with a small group of trees in the center. Inside the group of trees are three gravestones. Legends say these graves belong to witches. The graves are also in german, with one of the them having dates from 1832 to 1849, which leaves us to believe these are the born and died dates. Their location is quite strange, in the middle of a hayfield, surrounded by the crops of a nearby farmer, forgotten in a group of trees covered with ivy.

It's also said that ghosts have been spotted in the trees.

We didn't see any ghosts during the day, but we are planning a trip back at night, to see if these german witches can show themselves.

New Springfield is located in Mahoning county, about 30 minutes south of Youngstown. From the turnpike (I-76), take route 7 south, turn left on route 165, go 1/2 mile and turn right on columbiana road (near the scary clown sign). On columbiana you will come to a stop sign, go straight through the intersection, continue down about a mile until you reach Lipply road, turn right on Lipply. About 1/4 of a mile down you will see the group of trees in a field to your left.